PlaneGadget Radar - ADS-B Receiver - Just announced their new Mode-S receiver

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Dec 19, 2002
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RadarGadgets has just announced their new Mode-S receiver.....
Here's the full release as posted on the Yahoo PP group.

Radar Gadgets - ADS-B aircraft radio receiver.

We at RadarGadgets are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new PlaneGadget-Radar ADS-B receiver at the ground breaking introductory price of just £175 or 210Euros (normal price £199/240Euros). This special discounted price will be available for orders placed in March 2010 and includes free post and packing.

The ground breaking price is made possible by designing the hardware using the latest technology from the world of digital TV STB receivers, and being the first unit to be designed exclusively to work with PlanePlotter software. Our design aim with the PlaneGadget-Radar was to make receivers significantly more affordable, and this unique arrangement of using PlanePlotter (reducing software development costs) and the latest electronics technology has allowed us to halve the price of any receiver currently shipping.

The PlaneGadget-Radar comes complete with
- PlaneGadget-Radar receiver (in aluminium enclosure measuring only 40mm x 60mm)
- USB Powered (no external power supplies required), USB cable supplied
- Antenna connection SMA male 50R
- Magnetic whip antenna supplied
- CD containing drivers, user manuals and a copy of PlanePlotterLite
- Compatible with PlanePlotter
- ADS-B messages supported
- DF17 (sub types 4,11,12,18,19)
- DF0,DF4,DF5,DF11,DF20 (partial), DF21 (Partial)
- Tested to comply with the requirements for CE marking within the European Union

PlanePlotterLite provided by COAA works exclusively with the PlaneGadget-Radar receiver (will not work with other receivers). It is a light version of the full PlanePlotter software, and if you don't already have a full PlanePlotter license an additional upgrade can be purchased direct from PlanePlotter. that gives you access to networking and sharing of aircraft positions. For existing PlanePlotter users a new upgrade will be available in the next couple of days to download.

For the latest & updated information. Look on the forum for more topics on this product.

RadarGadgets - The latest ADS-B Receiver - Forum area,42.0.html

Note: I don't think it's available to United States users yet due to FCC. Maybe on Ebay you can buy it! :D

Note: It's has a better price then AirNav RadarBox 3D / PRO or Kinetics SBS-1.
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