Planes, Trains and cornfields

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Dec 14, 2001
Far NW Valley
The wife and I decided to go chasing trains in Rochelle today, it was nice out and we wanted to get some fresh air. On the way she wanted to stop at a craft store so we found a Michael's in Sycamore (464.550, PL 107.2 in use by cashiers...)

When we were leaving I noticed what sounded like a multi-engine piston powered airplane overhead so I popped in the DeKalb Unicom/CTAF (122.7000) and heard "Boeing B-17" reporting entering final from left base. We headed over to the airport and then saw 2 helicopters flying tour routes and heard them chatting with the B-17.

Turns out this was the weekend for Corn Fest, held on the grounds of DeKalb-Taylor Municipal Airport. Kind of a cross between an open house for the airport, a county fair and a craft show. With the beautiful weather there were a whole lot of people. Dozens of booths and vendors, most selling grilled cob corn.

A few other freqs heard here included:
170.150 was being used by a local FM station for IFB
155.640 Sycamore PD
154.860 DeKalb County Sheriff
155.250 DeKalb City PD
453.900 NIU PD
154.570 Unknown vendor ("Need more ice and another Pepsi can")
155.055 IREACH (Used for coordination with Superior's chopper)
160.890 UP Railroad (runs along the south edge of the airport, get the best of both worlds!)
FRS was pretty busy, used by both the volunteers (college students) running the traffic and parking jobs as well as vendors and families.

DeKalb Airport has a public viewing area at the east end of the far east hanger. A nice grassy area along side the edge of the "Jet Ramp" has a great view of both runways.

Between the helicopter rides and display aircraft coming and going, the B-17 fly-by's, and regular traffic it was a pretty busy place and there was constant activity on the 122.700 CTAF.

We eventually made it to Rochelle, only to find that they too had their Family Fest or whatever going on. We got thru just before they closed IL-38 (Lincoln Highway) for the parade! The Rochelle Airport was having a fly-in today, and was busier than I ever have seen it before.Of course I have never seen more than one airplane at a time in motion there, but it was hopping pretty good on 122.800, the local Unicom/CTAF.

After that we headed over to Hinkley and watched the skydivers and gliders running around. This place gets pretty busy and it is kind of scary to watch the Chicago Skydive Club Twin-Otter and Sky Tractors towing gliders flying around with skydivers just a few yards away dropping out of the sky! Hinkley uses 122.900 for CTAF, and we also heard 123.300 and 123.625 in use while we were there. The BNSF runs across the road from the airport and we saw several trains go by (161.160)

After an hour or so we stopped by Aurora Airport in Sugar Grove just in time to catch some traffic from the Sugar Grove FD on 154.7925 (DPL 174, repeats 159.330) about the aircraft having just landed. It must not have been anything important since the FD was not on the field and everything seemed to be OK. We did see a couple biz jets come in as well as a few GA craft. (120.600 Aurora Tower)

We had a great time!
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