BCD996XT: Please Help! First digital scanner

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Feb 6, 2004
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The system you are listening to, according to the RR database, is a five site simulcast system. So I'm betting the issue is simulcast distortion. You scanner is hearing multiple sites and is having trouble decoding the signal. It is like two people talking to you at the same time and it is difficult to make out what they are saying.

This issue shows up on your scanner in one of two ways. Either stopping on a talkgroup and no audio is heard or the audio is broken or garbled.

There a numerous posts on this topic suggesting things to help. Here is a quick summary:

1. Set the site attenuation to On. (What you want to do is decrease/limit the incoming RF).

2. Try moving your scanner around. Sometimes just a few feet can make a difference. Or if you are using the telescoping antenna, try shortening it and rotating it in different directions.

3. Try different P25 Adjust Mode and P25 Adjust Level settings. The correct combination has to be found by trial and error. I use settings of 13/175 for my 996XT, yet the guy living next door to me uses 11/160 on his 996XT for the same system.

Most likely you'll get some improvement by trying these, though getting pristine audio on a simulcast system is challenging.
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