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Jun 14, 2015
Dallas, TX
Can I suggest some easy SWL start points for conversion? Brother Stair, and his Overcomer Ministry can be found all over shortwave, especially in the evenings and even moreso in the Midwest USA and southeast, since you're right under the back apron of WWCR, you should hear his distinct voice within seconds.

If spirituality (or evangelical doomsday prophecies) isn't the sort of conversion you're looking for, providing specifics as to the original element or elements you are in possession of, the final element desires (if not gold), and current view of the celestial and theological materia present and necessary for someone to assist you - I am sure we have some alchemists on-site, given how swiftly at Dayton trash can be turned into treasure ;)

Perhaps some specifics anyway would be helpful to point a would-be Prometheus in support of your query?

Failing any one of these options, I can only smile, and thank you for being a premium subscription supporter - and hope a clue arrives before an admin :D
Not open for further replies.