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For those of you looking for help or advice with a specific brand of scanner such as help with programming or accessories we have several forums specific to all the major scanner makers plus a forum for all else. Please scroll down from the main page or click here and locate the proper forum.

If you are having problems programming a specific trunked system please post your problem in the State or Provincial regional forum. The locals will be able to help you best there. Please make sure to tell them which scanner you are using. All questions specific to a local agency should go in their regional forum also.

If your question involves multiple brands of scanners then General Scanning is the appropriate forum.

For questions regarding Motorola radios please use the Motorola Trunking forum, regardless of the radio supporting trunking or not. Again, if you need help programming a Motorola, EDACS or LTR trunked system do NOT post in the Trunking Forums. Post in your regional forum.

Many answers to common questions can be found in the Wiki. Have you checked there yet? http://wiki.radioreference.com/

Thank you!
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