Police Pursuit - Tuscaloosa/Jefferson

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The Family Geek
Jun 29, 2007
Brookwood, Alabama
Did anyone catch this, preferably anyone in Jefferson County?

It was a little after 3 AM last Monday when I was watching TV. Suddenly, I heard sirens roll by my apartment. I went outside to investigate, and it seemed that Tuscaloosa City Police were haulin' down Highway 11 towards Coaling... about 7-8 units. I went to get my scanner, and the County were talking about a suspect that left Chevron in Brookwood, heading southbound on Covered Bridge Road. It seemed the City was trying to beat the suspect there to lay down spike strips. Well... the suspect blew through them and was heading east on highway 11 towards Vance. The suspect finally merged onto Interstate 20/59 going towards Bessemer. Once the suspect crossed into Jefferson County, I didn't hear anything else.

Anyone in Jefferson or Tuscaloosa County stumble upon this? If anyone in Jefferson County heard it, how did it end?
Not open for further replies.