Policy change - Request for consideration

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Aug 3, 2009
Puget Sound, Washington
I would like to request consideration to change the policy on what is displayed in the Primary Description field.

Background: Mobile users who connect to a stream via "Police Scanner" type applications are connected directly to the stream without ever visiting the RadioReference.com site. Once they connect to a stream, the primary description scrolls across their display. The secondary description is never available to them.

Proposed Change: Allow a short description for Stereo channels to "alert" the listener that they are listening to a 2 channel stream so they realize that the two voices talking over each other is by design and not a poorly crafted audio steam.

This change would only affect the stereo streams and would help educate and hold mobile listeners on the stereo streams.

Proposed possible additional tags to the end of the primary description for stereo streams:
Stereo: Left-PD / Right-FD
Stereo: Left-FD / Right-PD
Stereo: Left-Law / Right-Rescue
Stereo: 2 scanners
Stereo: 2-Channels

Phase II for consideration: Since RadioReference.com can detect player types; what about appending the tag of "RadioReference.com" to any player deemed as a mobile client so they know where the stream is coming from and RadioReference.com gets the proper exposure.
With that possibility, then the above "Stereo" designator could also be appended to only mobile clients.

Thank you and I look forward to any discussion,

Not open for further replies.