Pomona Considering Using Sheriff's Office to Provide Police Services

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Dec 31, 2006
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POMONA - Like Diamond Bar, Walnut and San Dimas, the city is considering using county sheriff's deputies to provide police service in its 154,000-resident city.

In order to address budget concerns, the Pomona City Council voted unanimously Monday night to ask the sheriff's department for a preliminary study of costs.


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Mar 8, 2009
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Thanks for posting this article.
I hate to say it but this one potential contract that will not work as well as the Pro-LASD side will claim.
Sheriff Baca wants this contract more than any other with the exception of the Compton contract.
Though Compton came into the fold to restore civility versus Pomona need is more financial, Compton compares closest from LASD customers.
Pomona is not another sleepy suburb, and is going to be resource hungry and those special services are shared throughout the basin and not based in Pomona unless they pay for it.
Otherwise K9 will respond likely from East LA, Aero could come all the way from Carson. If Aero is not too busy they like to be Central which now is East LA thats a 6-7 min flight which is an eternity in cops and robbers.
All the major investigation units are in Whittier, Commerce, etc., The idea this is a needy city in Timbuktu.
I don't care what the paper says, there will be San Dimas and Walnut cars in Pomoma more often than thought because it does hit the fan there and it does it often.
The other cities may gripe but it is part of the contract and they know in the end the bear will be in their cities in force on their worst day.
With the contracting Pomona basically gets what they want to pay for at a set rate everybody pays. They get their own station and will pay for any modifications to the facility. They likely will catch a break on jail operations which I think is general fund as it is open as an intake from all agencies, ie:CHP.
They will save by contracting for fewer bodies in the city if they go that route. The biggest potential savings I can see is if Pomona has the now typical Safety retirement 3@50, which is giving most local bean-counters ulcers. To their credit the BOS resisted this and deputies still get something that resembles 2@55. Over the long run contract cities save big time here.
As far as service you can count on Baca saturating the city as needed to restore something closer to safe streets. The gangsters will lay lower and prostitutes will have to go east. Count on that. With Compton the level and frequency of felony now or just-occured calls dropped immediately.
Contracting is a mixed-bag for Pomona, and the others in this case lose a bit due to more demand for a set amount of resources shared by all.


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Mar 4, 2009
While the residents at the meeting were pretty against the idea, the City Council has a duty to study the option. With near 50% of today city budget going for police service funding, all options need to be reviewed.

With LASD obviously come both good and bad, however unless the ego for the need local control is so great I dont see Pomona being any worse off really with the Sheriff.

Anyhow all the council asked for was a free phase 1 study. If the numbers look interesting, then the County would develop a firm contract proposal for the City. I dont see the city loses anything by reviewing what the County can come up with at this time.
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