Ponte Vedra Agent Can Book Your Space Flight

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Feb 18, 2005
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- If you've always wanted to visit outer space, then give the new space travel agent in town a call.

Ponte Vedra travel agent Suzanne Perritt applied to be one of the agents for Virgin Galactica's space flights for the general public, planned to start in 2011. She was selected, trained for three days at Cape Canaveral and attended the rollout of Space Ship 2 in California last month.

"It's very exciting. I was always interested in the space program being from Florida and attended several launches downstate with children and grandchildren," says Perritt.

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From Fox News in Jacksonville,


Space travelers will come to Cecil Field two weeks before the flight for training. The actual ride in the space ship will last about an hour and only 20 minutes of that time will be in space.

"Initially it is going to be a tourism thing for that higher end person seeking a thrill ride," said Todd Lindner with Jacksonville Aviation Authority.

Lindner has worked to bring space travel to Jacksonville for 5 years. After all his work, the program will be available to travelers by the end of 2011. One ticket will cost $200,000.

For more information on the Cecil Space launch program visit http://www.jaa.aero/General/Default.aspx.
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