Portable Ultralight FM Radio DXing Kit - April 2020

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Jul 2, 2012
My constant search for a radio carry case has continued...

With my new focus on Ultralight FM radio DXing, my radio kit has changed, a couple of radios have been removed, I no longer carry my 3" FSL as often and I was finding my previous case with it's custom wooden dividers to be too heavy. After looking at the price of replacement foam, I decided this was not worth the price, being almost as much as a totally new case.

I was out doing some shopping recently when I called passed my local Bunnings store, here I found this new case for $30, I decided to replace my previous case as I found it was not working as well as I would have liked. My plan being to use my previous case for my work tools and use this new case for my Ultralight FM radio DXing kit.

I started off at home by sitting all my radios and other pieces of my DXing kit on the foam to see how they would all fit best. After this I cut the foam to suit and pulled out the required sections.

Overall, I am very pleased with how well this case has come out, I am able to carry and store multiple radios, log sheets, pens, notes, spare batteries and ear phones, everything I need for portable sessions. It is also small enough to fit in my back pack. For $30 it provides a great level of protection. Using the foam means that each item has a home and that they are well protected, it is also much lighter than my previous cases, meaning I will carry it with me more often. It really wins on the price v size v quality scale.

While this case was designed for ultralight DXing the same ideas could be used for amateur radio, radio scanning or any other radio storage need.

Photos: Portable Ultralight FM Radio DXing Kit - April 2020
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