Porter County IN train wreck

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Jul 18, 2004
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No significant hazmat. One train was an empty ethanol unit tank train--there may have been some residual ethanol in the tanks. There was some spillage of diesel fuel from the locomotives.

I've heard some conflicting reports, but apparently one train was stopped on one of the main tracks and a following train rear-ended the first train. A train going the other direction on the adjacent main track hit the wreckage.

This is a very busy line for CSX as it handles just about all of the freight between the northeast/mid-Atlantic and Chicago/western destinations. 50-60 trains a day through that area. Don't know if any of the re-routed trains will come through the Indianapolis area, but it's possible. Listen on 160.560 for the IC Dispatcher, who handles the Indianapolis terminal, talking to trains with R or X as the prefix to their train symbol.
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