Posey NXDN Talk Groups


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Feb 8, 2005
SW Indiana
I've been saving the recordings while monitoring the posey county nxdn system with a rtl-sdr and dsdplus fl. I have heard the following TG's referenced as TAC channels.

TG 3 as TAC 1
TG 4 as TAC 2
TG 6 as TAC 4
TG 8 as TAC 6

I'm assuming but it's possible TG3 through TG10 are TAC1 through TAC8.

I suspect these may also be for each of the VFD's. Considering there are 8 VFD's in Posey County, that would account for talk groups 3 through 10. I also looked at my radios file in dsdplus and noticed some of the radios that show unit id's or names match up with certain tg usage.

For example, on tg6 I heard them making calls on tac-4. Looking at my radios file I can see all the unit id's referenced match the unit id's on the Marrs Township VFD website. However, these unit id's all start with a 9.

The only other site I found that has a list of unit id's was Wadesville. It shows unit id's that start with 6. So looking at the radios file I see tg8, which was referenced as TAC 6 shows 3 of 4 radio id's recorded belonging to Wadesville. Also heard Dispatch calling Wadesville Fire on TAC 6 using tg8. Then again making another call on tg8 calling Poseyville HG on TAC 6.

On tg4 I see mostly unit id's starting with 12. This was referenced as tac-2 and I think this is for Black Township VFD. I found their website while writing this post and it shows their unit id's start with a 12.

It would have made more sense to match the talk group to the unit id's of each vfd, but maybe this will change.