Possible job opportunity in Casper

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Aug 17, 2008

I work for a Motorola dealer and WyoLink contract company here in Casper. We are currently looking for a radio tech or two to help us out since we are getting busy.

We need somebody who is versed in how trunking works and how radio works in general. We work frequently (every day) with WyoLink. Stuff like programming and writing codeplugs are the largest part of our day. But we also perform maintenance to radios and well as warranty work for Motorola. Some mobile and fixed install work from time to time. Basic electronics repair.

Motorola experience would be great, but not necessary. Computer and IT experience would also be good. Competitive pay and benefits and other perks. Ive been here 8 months and am very happy.

I know the company is looking, so if anybody is interested (must be in Casper or close enough to drive in every day) PM me and I will get you the phone number to my boss. He will be able to give you definite info on pay and experience and such. We have been looking, but not many folks around town understand this stuff, even at a basic level. I figure, why not mine RR here.

Not open for further replies.