Possible severe weather 7/1/06

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Just a heads up:

Later this afternoon into the evening, most of southern WI, nothern IL and lower MI could potentially see some widespread severe weather, with the main threat being wind damage. Some hail is possible, but until the mid levels of the atmosphere cool down tonight it wouldn't be very big. An isolated weak tornado is possible also. Right now (1245) the outlook is marginal at best due to the atmosphere being "capped" by warm air, which prevents storm updrafts from going up. This will likely change later this afternoon, and if/when it does then the storms should fire quickly.

Overall, it's a crapshoot right now. Nothing is set in stone, but I figured a heads up is in order.

Some quick sources for information:

www.spc.noaa.gov/products <-- Click on "Mesoscale Discussions" to see current trends for upcoming severe weather. If you see a red circle over our part of the world, click on it.

http://iwin.nws.noaa.gov/iwin/wi/wi.html <-- click on "Warnings" for current severe weather info, and click on "Public Information" for severe weather reports
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