BCD536HP: possible system hold / channel hold bug

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Mar 19, 2014
So I found what *seems* like a weird bug last night.

I'm using a BCD536HP and ProScan. I don't think this is a ProScan bug.

There was a structure fire last night in Plano, TX and earlier in Allen, TX. I was in "System Hold" on the PAWM P25 system for a while as I was monitoring the fire in Allen (PAWM is a system for several towns including Plano and Allen). I heard Plano dispatch for their own structure fire so I decided to "Channel Hold" on the Plano Fireground channel. (So I had both "System Hold" and "Channel Hold" enabled)

My first observation, which may not be a bug but more of a complaint at this point: even if I'm in channel hold on a channel, it will still switch channels if there is activity on any of the other unavoided/enabled priority channels in the entire system. Is there a way to change this behavior so that "Channel Hold" actually sits on a channel and doesn't move around?

My second observation, which relates to the behavior above and I believe is a BUG is that it would occasionaly switch channels (due to the behavior above) but claim that there was Richardson FD traffic.

This *has* to be a bug for the following reasons:

(1) RadioReference confirms that Richardson has no talkgroups on the PAWM P25 system. Richardson has their own separate P25 system which I was not monitoring at the time (due to being locked on the PAWM system).
(2) I double-checked the programming in my scanner - I do not have any departments or channels labeled with "Richardson" in their name inside of the PAWM system.
(3) The scanner was claiming that the active channel was "Richardson Fire Ops 7" which is an encrypted channel. I have never heard any traffic in the clear on this channel. The displayed TGID (31408) corresponded to this channel, also.
(4) ProScan logged this activity the same way but with one exception: it logged a different TGID than what the scanner was displaying. It logged the TGID as 601, which corresponds to Allen FD Ops 1. Additionally, ProScan logged the voice frequency as 852.1500Mhz, which is a voice channel on PAWM's system. I have attached a screen shot of the hit from ProScan's log.

My supposition - the scanner, despite displaying incorrect data, was actually monitoring the Allen FD channel, rather than the encrypted Richardson FD channel that it claimed.

How could this have happened?

I'll try to reproduce this and let you all know if it happens again.


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