BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Post your 436HP battery run times

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Nov 4, 2005
Have to admit, I'm impressed with the battery 'burn' time on the 436HP when using name brand AA rechargeables.

Battery: Sanyo Eneloop LSD 2500mah
Charger: Energizer 8 bay
Condition of batteries: new, 4 charges

Scanner state:
*Scanning approx 76 conventional frequencies with PL/DPL.
*Scanning 1 TRS mixed mode 800mhz.
*Scanning edacs TRS 800mhz. *Backlight ON constant at mid brightness.
*Alert LED activated on most conventional and TRS TG's.
*Battery save option is ON.
*Volume at level 8.
*Batteries charged to full.
*Activity: high (80% traffic, 20% quiet)

With the above setup, I'm getting 9 hrs 40 minutes before the low battery alert at 3.30V.

Sanyo Eneloop professional 2500mah
0:00 - 4.17V
1:00 - 3.90V
2:00 - 3.84V
3:00 - 3.83V
4:00 - 3.80V
5:00 - 3.77V
6:00 - 3.74V
7:00 - 3.69V
8:00 - 3.59V
9:00 - 3.47V
9:30 - 3.35V
9:40 - 3.30V (low batt indicator)
9:50 - 3.20V (scanner auto power down)

Post your 436HP battery burn times. Let's see if we can break the 10 hour mark with the above scanning setup. I consider the batteries depleted right when the low battery indicator comes on and the scanner stops recording.

I am a firm believer that battery chargers make a big difference in charging properly and getting the most out of each cell. That's why I am sold on the energizer charger. I've tried many others which cost twice or more than the Energizer 8 bay charger, and none performed as good.


Oct 14, 2008
North Jersey
I like the Eneloop 2500 black batteries too for my 436HP I get over 8 hours and that's using the backlight fairly often too. Definite win-win using them in the 436 worth the extra couple bucks for the runtime
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