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Aug 1, 2007
Sonoma Co., California
TLDR: As the subject suggests, I am going to be activating POTA at 3 different parks between next Saturday and next Tuesday. I will be running 10m USB, 6m & 2m FM as well as APRS and SSTV. Details below. Cross-posted to the main Amateur Radio General forum as well.

Just so I get it out there...I am hoping to activate POTA at the following locations and dates/times. I plan to work 28.400 USB, 52.525 FM, and 146.520 FM from all these locations. Parks on the Air | POTA | Parks program for amateur radio. for spotting. I will also be running my APRS ( https://aprs.fi/#!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a/KG6NLW&timerange=3600&tail=3600 ) as well. I will also add I might send out some SSTV so if you are an SSTV ham listen around on the SSTV frequencies as well!

10/22/22 1800-2130UTC (1100-1430 PDT) at K-4462 (Plumas National Forest)
10/23/22 1400-0200UTC (0700-1900 PDT) at K-4462 (Plumas National Forest)
10/24/22 1600-1700UTC (0900-1000 PDT) at K-9239 (Black Rock Desert)
10/24/22 2130-0030UTC (1430-1730 PDT) at K-0470 (Sheldon National Wildlife)
10/25/22 1630-1900UTC (0930-1200 PDT) at K-0470 (Sheldon National Wildlife)


-Frank C.
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