Power adapter for pro-164

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Mar 13, 2010
San Jose, CA
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to leave a quick post about a power adapter I picked up at my local Fry's electronics that works great on my pro-164. The funny thing is that the same item number at fry.com lists the wrong adapter.. and even my receipt shows the details for the wrong adapter as online. So it looks like you need to look within a local Fry's if you have one near you.

The item number is 1646591 and online it is listed as.. "AC Adapter W/4 Way Plug Converts 110V AC TO 4.5V DC Thru 12.0V DC. 300mA Reversible Polarity" priced at $8.79. The one I got is priced the same at $8.79 but the power output is 500mA. On the package is says "Audio Power Adapter"

The adapter works very well when adjusted to 9v and polarity is set to tip positive. It sure beats the $40 RS wants for a adjustable adapter plus $6 for the "C" type tip.

Anyways, this is just an YFI for anyone looking for an adapter..
Not open for further replies.