Power Fix for the PSR-800

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May 26, 2004
In the past Quantum Instruments Inc., of Hauppauge New York manufactured a sealed lead acid HAM Battery pack that powered battery eliminators for a variety of handheld radios. I still have my original pack from the 1990’s and now it only charges up to two of the green power indicator lights. I will send it back for new cells, but that is not bad for around 16 years. I also used it to power my portable scanners having the barrel power connection.

The PSR-800 that is a real power hog. Reducing this and turning off that only minimizes the power drain of even the best NIMH AA batteries. Probably, the radio should have been designed to hold 6 rather than 4 AA batteries.

Though the HAM battery has been gone for years, Quantum manufactures a variety of good power portable batteries for powering cameras and camera flashes. One of these batteries is the Quantum 2X2. It is a NiMH Rechargeable battery pack with (no memory). It has a built-in belt clip, can be carried with a shoulder strap, and size wise is 6.25 x 3.875 x 1.875" (159 x 98.5 x 47.5mm). The weight is 32 oz (907 g).

The 2X2 uses the SD-14 adapter having a female vehicle lighter adapter for connecting to the a 12v male vehicle Adapters used for Cell Phones & PDA's. Thus the PSR-800 can be connected to the 2X2 battery for charging or scanning. In the scan mode the backlight will stay. I am still experimenting as to how long it will take to drain the Quantum 2X2. A very long time since the radio is receiving only.

Just passing this along for those who enjoy hours to days of uninterrupted monitoring.

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