PPSTN RCMP Status Messages

Feb 3, 2015
PPSTN RCMP Unit Status Update Messages.

These are seen on the other events tab of the Pro96com program.
The six black keys on the radios have been remapped / relabeled to send the following messages.

* Key sends the status 1 message to contact Regina control.
0 Key sends the Status 3 message 10-23 = Arrived on Scene.
# Key sends the Status 5 message 10-78 = At Office.
7 Key sends the Status 2 message 10-11 = Roadside Check.
8 Key sends the Status 4 message 10-8 = In Service.
9 Key sends the Status 6 message 10- 17 = Enroute.

This information will give those running the Pro96com program a much greater understanding of what each RCMP unit is doing.

Many thanks to RR members for providing me with their Pro96com event logs.
Special thanks to one RR member for providing an image of an RCMP M7100 radio.
Cheers !


Mar 6, 2019
Red Deer, Alberta
Interesting. On AFRRCS in Alberta, the only status message is “1” which is the top side button on the APX8000. This is used as an RTT. Not sure if there will be other status messages added in the future.