Precious Metals in battery connectors?

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Mar 11, 2013
Western Mass
Hey everyone. Im totally new here and to this radio thing. I have been reading as much as I can on scraping for precious metals in radios, pc's, etc. Then I recently came across several Motorola Radius CP200's, P1225's, and GP300's.. More than I know what to do with... In thinking I was going to scrap them for thier metal content, come to find out most of these used radios still work.
Cosmetically ugly and need cleaning but I dont want to scrap the ones that still function.. Especially if other folks out there could get some use out of them.
At first glance the battery connectors appear to be gold, while others maybe silver or ? In addition, the inside boards have some precious looking stuff inside, with a cast aluminum shell? (not sure) It would probably be wise to take a few of your opinions and expertise.
In doing some further research I might be better off selling them than scraping them. I want to keep one of each and learn how to use them. I know nothing about them though. I have always been interested in ham and scanners etc.. but never had an opportunity to own one before. I am somewhat pc savy and I like to dable with electronics, but the programming end of it and getting the softwqre seems like a real learning curve. I dont know where to start so I am posting here with hopes of getting some help and advise.

(3) Motorola CP200 Handheld Two-Way Radio
UHF 438-470MHz, 16 channels, 4W
model: AAH50RDC9AA2

(4) Motorola Radius P1225 2 ch Radios
model: P94ZRC90C2AA

(14) Motorola Radius P1225 16 channels, 450-470MHz bandsplit (will do 440 ham freqs)
model: P94ZPC90C2AA

(6) Motorola GP300 UHF Portable Radio, 16 channels
model: P94YPC20C2AA

Thank you all!
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