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President George II


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Aug 4, 2020
Fort Worth
President George II



Starting a thread so that the latest & greatest from President has a discussion home.

General release in EU is just up ahead. Price is high at the moment, but so is demand.

All I know is that I really want one. I don’t see anything quite different from the Anytone Q5/Ares (power output excepted), so I already “know” that this pair of ears ought to be as good as what can be had.

— One way or another I’ve wound up with President antenna, microphones, and transceivers for my pickup truck and have decided that this radio deserves center spot.

— A wireless Liberty mic, and a Randy are how I see making the most of a travelers Citizen Band radio rig. (Digimike, also purchased). Mobile or stationary. AM or Sideband. Tow vehicle with travel trailer (which has separate station; Lincoln II+).

One man, or with a family, where CB is seen as primary comms (but not exclusive) be it on foot or with several vehicles/stations.

My pickup can be set for extended high idle as power plant (Cummins engine) for uses other than radio when remote camping. So, whether with a mobile antenna or something on a tripod or in trees, the George II ought to fill the CB expectations.

I’d like to think President quality will be worth the extra coin over the long-term.



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Aug 22, 2004
I would anticipate President will neuter this radio if they sell it in the U.S.
President Electronics seems to bend over backwards to accommodate the FCC, so I would think they will rip out components from the EU George II, as they did from the EU McKinley, in order to sell it in the states.

I hope I am wrong, but President could have just sold the EU McKinley here when FM was approved by the FCC, but instead, they ripped components from the EU version, in order to make it impossible to alter the operation of the radio and please the FCC. Yet, my Chinese Radioddity CS-47 (AKA Anytone Graces) has an FCC ID, while a simple jumper alters functionality of the radio. I can’t imagine a Chinese company would have a greater influence over the FCC, versus a European company like President.


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Jun 9, 2006
Southeastern Michigan
The layout of controls, and the meters on the display, make me think this has a lot in common with the Anytone 5555.

It does 4W out of the box, so there should be no reason to modify it, for FCC compliance.