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Nov 9, 2002
Prince George, Virginia--Central Va.
1. FYI I, as many of RR VA forum members really have missed the former weekly FCC updates. I have used the RR multi-step process of selecting the desired city or county. It seemed to me that it was somewhat lacking in licensees probably because of only a few selected service codes. I concluded 15-20 would mostly capture what I would considered appropriate as to a monitor's interests. So, I decided to do something about it. Beginning this past January I decided to "get self educated" using the FCC license searching options available to the public. Warning! It is not for the feint hearted. Do not attempt to apply common sense logic. So far I have had accumulated a most excellent record of failed attempts. Why I do not know and do not question. The "help" screens were of little value to me. But on a rare occasion, I have succeeded to the degree I needed to access the info I wanted.

2. Among other interests, I maintain a VA frequency database. I have spent much of the last three months checking callsigns/logging the missing 2018-2019 Virginia licenses/info from approximately Sep 2018 to Jan 2020. I am 75% completed and it will take approximately two more months to finish. But by June, I will be caught up to date and then I will be able to do my own updating of what I want to search for. As you might expect, it so far is a considerable amount of "new" "missed" licenses that I never saw in the RR selected city/county listings. Today I decided to do a special 2020 search and look what I found.

3. What a coincidence. Today also is the initial Grant Date for a new Prince George Co. Police Dept. frequency. It is a base/mobile simplex operation with the base using 100 watts with 1000 watts ERP authorized. 700 mobiles are authorized @ 35 watts with 70 watts ERP. The emission code is 8K10FID (Phase 1 Data) and 8K10FIE (Phase 1 Voice). Although licensed to the county, the user is the Police Dept. which also is the base location. Licensed frequency is 854.2375 mhz.

4. All Prince George County radios are analog. That means the county needs to have all new radios operating Phase 1 simplex on an 800mhz. separate frequency also for the VFD, EMS, Admin, Countywide and School Buses. Later the radios can be used as a control channel/voice frequencies for the new 800 mhz. trs.

Here's a hint. "Contact: L3HARRIS INDUSTRIES, INC." | "Eligibility: County govt. to coordinate staff & resources"

5. If the county's present analog repeaters have poor coverage at 453/460 mhz., it will be interesting to see how an 800 mhz. B/M simplex operation will perform.

Here is the FCC link for: WRFT212

6. If my conclusion is incorrect, I'm sure someone will provide the correct one.

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