Prince George Co. Radio System Update Info

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Nov 9, 2002
Prince George, Virginia--Central Va.
1. I received my County Newsletter and browsing through it was this "news" item regarding the status of the "new" Prince George Co. replacement radio system of the current conventional radio system which still is referred to as the "new" radio system subsequent to when the county dumped their vhf repeaters and selected a conventional uhf analog 400 mhz. group of dedicated user repeaters.

2. A contract was approved by the county Prince George Co. Board of Supervisors (BOS) and issued for a consultant last fall. In the Jan/Feb 2017 time frame a VFD member told me that each radio user entity was interviewed and in part their radio requirements and recommendations were provided..

3. Here is the "update" exactly as it appeared in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of the county newsletter:


New Radio System

Phase 1 of the new radio system has been completed. This phase included the following:
*Review of coverage requirements & recommendations
*Towers, new vs. existing
*Voice system architecture review
*Site facility requirements
*Review of system redundancy
*Review channels / talkgroups
*System capacity and life cycle
*Review dispatch consoles
*Interoperability and mutual aid review

The Phase 2 plan is being prepared for stakeholders to provide input their individual needs.


4. It can be inferred that the new system will be a trs. What kind who knows?

5. From what I was told by a VFD member, the Phase 2 plan basically will to be a "redo" of the same subjects interviews conducted by the consultant in Jan/Feb 2017.

6. I just spoke with a reliable county source, who also is an active ham operator, regarding this consulting contract. He had been informed the consultant has notified the Prince George Co. Board of Supervisors (BOS) that he/they did not do any reception testings inside buildings. My source worked in a main county building with heavy metal roofing and support structure. He told me he could not maintain dependable cell connections inside the building and had to go outside to use his cell phone.

7. If paragraph 6 is a precursor, I and a few other county radio types are getting our red flags ready in case we feel they need to be raised.

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