Pro-106/ARC500: logically creating scanlists-request for ideas

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Aug 28, 2012
Myrtle Beach, SC

Context: my experience with public safety monitoring goes back to the days when "programming" a scanner meant buying eight crystals, and one's biggest decision was deciding which socket to install each crystal into. That's how we did it back in the days when dinosaurs walked the earth.

I live in the Springs and just got a Pro-106 and the ARC500 software. I don't really know what I'm doing yet, and I'm having great fun doing it. As you might expect it's quite a learning curve wrapping my mind around all the possibilities offered by these receiver and scanner-programming software capabilities.

To this Brain Trust, let me ask you for your strategies about building scan lists.

I have thought through monitoring, and have come up with these scenarios on how/what I want to monitor. My basic assumption is that, most of the time, most scan lists will be defeated. Typically, I would leave enabled lists 2-11. Here are my current scan lists:

4 EPCO SO & small-town PDs
5 EPCO & county FDs
6 Colorado StatePolice local troops: 2A/2B/2D
7 MUTUAL AID / SAR / all county EOC
8 MED all
9 Fed and State mountain and forest fire (US and CO forest service, wildfire, fed and state park rangers etc.
10 Manitou Springs PD & FD, Cascade PD & FD, Green Mountain Falls PD & FD
11 WEST (TELLER, PARK, FREMONT counties, all PD, FD, SO, EMS, SAR, etc)
12 NORTH (counties up I-25 to Denver metro area, all PD, FD, SO, EMS, SAR, etc)
13 EAST (probably Lincon County all PD, FD, SO, EMS, SAR, etc)
14 SOUTH (probably Pueblo City & County: PD, FD, SO, EMS, SAR, etc)
15 Colorado State Police STATEWIDE
16 CO state agencies
17 MIL (probably Ft. Carson, Peterson AFB, AF Academy)
18 FED (federal agencies)

As I think all this through, segregating these objects into scan lists, will mean than when COS PD is working breaking news, I can turn off the other scan lists. When, say, they're working an emergency or wildfire up Ute Pass, I can turn off everything except list numbers 10 (Manitou up through Green Mtn Falls) and list 11 (west counties), and 7 (mutual aid, search and rescue).

So. How's my logic? Does the above seem to be a sensible strategy for effective monitoring?

FWIW, I work in broadcast news, and the reason I monitor Is to listen a few hours before work starts in order to "read in" to current spot news so I'm current by the time I get to work.

Thank you in advance.

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