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Actually we have a few things to help you along - the links I'm about to mention are all on this wiki article (anything in blue is a link)

Programming Your Radio Shack Scanner - The RadioReference Wiki

A. I would first download the Easier to Read manual for that scanner, and try reading that;

B. There is a programming shortcut cheat sheet for this radio

C. A lot of folks use software to program these radios; but first you're going to need a USB-serial converter. You can get either the GRE or RS models - both will work, from what I've seen. In the prolog, there's an article that discusses connecting your scanner via USB. You will find the SKUs and links for both, along with hints to using Windows Device Manager to help with connection issues.

D. The big 3 for this radio are ARC500, PSREdit500 and Win500. The object oriented software article has links to these (and I wouldn't ignore the RS link...). We also have user guides for both ARC500 and Win500.

You can download data from our database when you purchase a premium subscription.

Since you don't have where you are in your profile (county/state is fine), it's hard to specifically direct you, nor what you are trying to program, but we have numerous forums by state- once you get everything together you might try asking for a file. Be sure to specify which software you are using - layouts aren't always compatible with one another. Sometimes that will help turn the light bulb on...

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