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Jan 26, 2008
now residing in Ocala, Florida since 1999
Hello all, recently, I upgraded my Pro-106 to the latest RadioShack Pro-106 firmware... yes, the upgrade that allows patches to be visibly shown and monitored correctly on the 106. A few days ago, while using WILDCARD option, while monitoring the Ocala (Florida) Police Dept Trunked System, I stumbled accross a new Ocala Police Talkgroup ID... They were doing extensive radio testing on that TGID and I saved it into my 106. Tonite, that TGID is extremely busy, with Ocala police radio traffic, and each and every one of the transmitted comms has the Ptch (Patch) icon showing on the display.

My question is, IS this new TGID a designated (permanent) Patch channel ? or is it possible that one small section of town uses this TGID as a patch to the City of Ocala Police dispatchers.

I was awaiting confirmation of a dispatcher to broadcast the alpha tag, name of the channel (if it's new) but it seems that there is all different types of Ocala Police radio chatter on this new talkgroup, nothing generalized, to give me an indication of what bureau or dept of the Ocala Police agency it's dedicated to. But ALL of the comms on this TGID are shown as Ptch, so I guess this is a dedicated patch channel.

ALSO, I have not noticed the Ptch icon being displayed on any of the other Ocala PD TGID channels, so maybe I have stumbled accross something new and cool.

--- ok, I am currently monitoring the new TGID while I type this, 2 officers are talking now, the ptch icon is shown on the scanner's display, one officer said to the other, switch to TAC-1... so I swiftly switched (manually) to TAC-1 channel, and monitored the two officers talking and the Ptch icon is NOT displayed on the scanner. I switch back to the new TGID and notice that ALL the current comms are shown as Patched... any answers ???

If I am missing something, or not understanding the system correctly, please bring me up to speed. I am interested in the familiarity of the way Ocala is utilizing the patches.

Thanks in advance

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