Pro-106 programming through software lapd

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Nov 30, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
Hi All,

This is my first scanner and never used any other type before.
I picked up the hobby from an iPhone app and now after reading great reviews about the pro-106 I decided to buy it. I've been having problem programming it through the software that came with it. I usually plug it in and login to my radioreference account then choose my CONV frequencies and click import. However; I don't see them in my scanner.



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Jul 22, 2002
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Actually it appears the LAPD is on a conventional P25 system, as shown here...

Los Angeles County, California (CA) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

Hi Joe - I'm unsure as to which software you have - I didn't think the 106 came with its own - so let's start from the beginning and work up...note that anything from here on out that's blue is a link

Programming in an object oriented world is very different from the traditional 'banks' as we all used to know them. I understand the RS manual is pretty good - but if you need a better one, the Easier to Read manual will do the trick, and you can find the link for it here...

GRE/RS Object Oriented Scanners FAQ - The RadioReference Wiki

There are 3 popular packages that support the 106 - ARC500, Win500 and PSREdit500. As you're new to this game, you might profit from purchasing either ARC500 or Win500, both of which have user guides that should help you over the hump. The links for these 3 packages, along with the user guides, can be found here...

Object Oriented Scanner Software - The RadioReference Wiki

In your message you didn't say whether you loaded the drivers for your USB cable - that would be one reason your import didn't fly. Only 2 are known to be compatible (there may well be more, but I don't know of them...). They would be the GRE and RS cables mentioned in the following, along with tips on how to use Windows Device Manager to see if there are issues...

Connecting scanners via USB - The RadioReference Wiki

Finally you might profit, if no one else from that area answers here, to jump down to the greater LA sub forum of our California forum and ask for a file for your area. Be sure to specify what software you are using - not all formats are interchangeable...

Greater Los Angeles & Inland Areas Discussion - The Forums

best regards...Mike
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