Pro-106 Same TSYS with diff tags?

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Dec 25, 2011
I got a new PRO-106 yesterday. It's my first scanner in years but I've figured it out enough to get my local (Atlanta) PD setup and stuff.

My question is about how best to structure my lists. The Atlanta Public Safety trunking has several different groups on it: Atlanta Public Safety P25 System Trunking System, Atlanta, Georgia - Scanner Frequencies

I've noticed that you can lockout an entire TSYS. So I'm thinking about putting in the same TSYS (Atl pub safety) multiple times with different tags: Alt PD, ATL Fire, ATL Airport, etc... Then assigning the TGRPs for the respective organization under the TSYS I've tagged for them. Then when I don't want to hear Airport traffic, for example, I can just L/out that TSYS.

My question is, is that a terrible idea for any reason? Thanks!


Dec 19, 2002
Delaware, Ohio
I set up my scan lists by service type. I have multiple scan lists on each tsys. I like being able to easily chose the type of come I monitor by scan list.

For me, my scan lists are as follows:

1) Ham repeaters

County p25 system (county where I live)
2) Local city police
3) county sheriff
4) county fire

County Motorola type II (county where I work)
5) City police
6) City fire
7) airport authority police and fire

Statewide Motorola smartnet
8) highway patrol
9) EMAComs



Aug 18, 2006
South Jersey
You don't assign TSYSs to lists, you just assign a particular talk group to as many lists as you wish. So when a talk group is active, it will show the system/group name, regardless of which list you are monitoring.

For example: I have a list which contains the dispatch channels for my township and surrounding municipalities of interest. Doing so allows me to rapidly scan through the list to see what's going on, and lessens the chance of missing something by having to wade through a long list..

Other lists contain whole systems which may contain a lot more channels/groups. So, when I hear something of interest on dispatch, which may have input from other groups (fire, ems, public works, etc.), I switch to the 'specific' list.

So, individual talk groups may appear on multiple lists. And, rather than locking out a specific group, it's much easier to switch lists back and forth.
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