PRO-106 Static when using audio output

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Nov 15, 2008
Scott County
Actually a few topics that maybe some of you can help me with:

1. I like to record to my PC. I use a standard male/male audio cord going to my line in on my PC. It records perfectly if I am not charging it. I get a constant humming sound if I have the RS charger plugged into it. It does not matter if I have batteries in it or not. Any ideas why this is happening?

2. I have the antenna that came with the 106 plus the RS 800 Mhz antenna as well. Any better....see #3

3. While mobile (moving in vehicle) the scanner performs very poorly. It almost seems like it cant keep up. I have tried all three setting using WIN500 like stationary/mobile/etc. I only scan my local county LE and Fire stations. The county does use a simulcast of the neighboring county, but my strength meeter is near 100%.

4. Now that I am getting the grips of my new scanner I am thinking about buying a second. I dislike how bulky and cheap feeling the PRO-106 is and have had my eyes on the new Uniden XT model....would this make a better scanner for mobile use and have my PRO-106 as my record to PC.?

Any help would greatly appreciated. I look forward to your comments.
Not open for further replies.