PRO 106 weird problem part 3 "Boy did I get a deal"

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Dec 23, 2009
Metro Chicago
I purchased a like new PRO 106 for $190.00 based on the premise that the scanner had no display, scanner appeared to work OK. I decided that the display was NG. Ordered another from RS. When I went to install the new display I thought I would check the connector, again. Removed it, re-installed it, JACKPOT, I got the original display to work. Turned it off put it back together and turned it on and the display was still there. Initialized the unit, still OK. I went to different functions and on occasion the display would go blank again. Long story short, I had to initialize the scanner 4 times for it to work OK. It's been 5 days and it works like a champ. The only problem I've got now is whether to keep it or sell it. Not thrilled with a lot of the features, overkill, size and "Object Orientated Memory", prefer "DMA". Would seriously consider a trade for a 396T.
Not open for further replies.