Pro-136 first time user frustrations

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Apr 9, 2010
I have hit a wall and am pretty much willing to admit that I cannot figure this thing out! I have spent many hours reading up and searching and pouring over the user manual and to my GREAT frustration, I cannot seem to get much more than weather. I always have had no trouble with electronic things and can usually get something up and running with no trouble. I admit that I purchased this scanner without really researching anything beforehand. I think I did okay for just starting out listening and using it for Skywarn and Wx.. I have..

A Radio Shack Pro-136 - It was a floor model and on clearance. The antenna could not be located so they gave me one of those 9 section center loading telescope antennas (Cat. No.20-006A) in place of it, which I think is a pretty sweet deal (except the fact it needs a right angle adapter to be practical)

I live in VA in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach Cities area of Hampton Roads

The list of pre-programmed frequencies is nice, but it means nothing to me if I cannot stop and listen to anything while scanning the banks or input something myself..I could be just missing out on the obvious here on how to scan and get this unit to work for me. I have adjusted the antenna for the bands and all..I am fiddled and researched out and any help would be appreciated.
Not open for further replies.