PRO-163 1000 CH Triple Trunking Mobile/Base Scanner

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Feb 22, 2009
Bethlehem, PA
I have a Radio Shack PRO-163 1000 CH Triple Trunking Mobile/Base Scanner, and would like to know if you would be able to program it for me.
I'd like to know if you would be able to program several banks for me which I have listed below as well as alpha tagging them for me.
I can provide you with the Frequencies just wanted to know if you were able to program this for me since I don't know how to do it.


Bank 0....City of Allentown Police
Bank 1....City of Allentown Fire, EMS, Fire Police
Bank 2....Lehigh County Police
Bank 3....Lehigh County Police Priv Freq
Bank 4....Northampton County Police
Bank 5....Northampton County Fire & EMS
Bank 6....Bucks County Non Digital
Bank 7....Montgomery County
Bank 8....Carbon County
Bank 9....PA Turnpike
Bank 10..Miscellaneous (PPL Dispatch, AAA, PSP, Phila Police, Fire, EMS)


Dec 31, 2005
Mountaintop, PA
Welcome to RR. It is not too likely you find someone willing to program, when you really can, and should do it yourself. Here is a list of software that will not only help you program, but learn all the features of your scanner. PSR-300/400 Software and USB Support - The RadioReference Wiki (Look for the ones in BOLD)
If you become a paid subscriber to this site, you can get the automatic down loads, but this is also very reasonable($7.5 for 3 months). What this means is that you can connect to the database on this site, select which of the agencies you want, and download all the data automatically into your software. It may not be organized exactly like you want, but it will be close. Then you just download the information into the scanner. This can save you countless hours of programming and frustration, and it will give you the opportunity to make changes without having to contact someone to reprogram it.
Here are the other counties you mentioned:
Note: Bethlehem Public Safety is digital, so you won't be able to program that. You will probably need the USB cable to connect your scanner to the PC, but it would cost you 2X the cost of this cable to find someone to program it, if you ever do find someone.
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Aug 29, 2009
This information that you gave me to program my PRO-163 1000 CH Triple Trunking Mobile/Base Scanner is way to complicated for me, but anyway's I already found somebody who is willing to program my scanner for me which he has the software. Thank You anyway's


Feb 27, 2010
Clarksville, PA
I just joined RR. i got a pro-163 also got the software andc able to program it through my laptop. I live in greene county PA and work on a ambulance in fayette county PA. I programmed in Greene, Washington, Fayette, Westmoreland counties and also the PA State police frequencies. all seem to work except the Fayette County 800 frequencies. if i push the scanner into manual mode and press the up button to change the channel i can hear chatter on any of those frequencies. but when it is in scan mode not one fayette county frequency comes in. I opened the RR live feed for fayette county and listen to it so i know there is talking on the air but nothing on the scanner for fayette county. so any suggestions as to why. any help will be appreaciated on this getting frustrated by the minute.
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