Pro-164 Motorola Patched Channels

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Jun 13, 2012
Portland, OR
Hi all. I've had a Pro-164 for a few months now. I use it primarily to listen to Motorola Type II systems, which are prevalent in my area. I have noticed that the Pro-164 has trouble with talkgroup patches on these motorola systems. When two talkgroups are patched, the scanner will only open squelch on one of the talkgroups. I can hear the traffic from both talkgroups, but when holding on the 2nd talkgroup, there is silence. After using Trunk88, I determined that the channel it picks up on appears to be the channel associated with the dispatch console that initiated the patch. However, it won't be audible on the other channel. This is especially annoying when I'm listening to a police incident, and the fire dispatcher initiates a patch with a fire/med channel from their console. This is quite common on the WCCCA system which i listen to most of the time.

My understanding is that this is a known issue with the Pro-164. I have firmware version 1.10. My question is, are there any known fixes? I can still listen to the traffic on both channels from one of the patched channels, but not the other. However, I won't always know when a patch is initiated, and in the time it takes me to realize what has happened, I've missed 5 minutes of radio traffic.

Thanks for your help.
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