Pro-18 Faceplate

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Oct 31, 2005
Fairfield Bay, Arkansas
Like me I'm sure there are others who have experienced the frosty paint coating rubbing off at both the top and bottom of the circular buttons. I experimented at the top of the buttons where the "Digital iScan" lettering is by taping off the area with scotch tape and then using an old t-shirt and lighter fluid to rub off the paint where it was already being rubbed off. Now, I have a more distinguished "Digital iScan" lettering that looks more OEM rather than worn or defective. The "Digital iScan" lettering is under a clear coat and the lighter fluid does not harm the clear coat. Am thinking about doing the entire faceplate next. I rubbed off the frosty paint on the entire faceplate on my PSR-800 and it improved the looks 1000%. I guess its a matter of opinion, but I like it!

The display protector is homemade. Simply took an unused ipad screen protector I had in left over from my wife's ipad and cut out a piece that fit the Pro-18 display with scissors. Peeled off the back and installed easily, then peeled off the top protective layer. Bubbles removed by lifting the edge with scotch tape and using another strip of scotch tape to grab the dust speck causing the bubble. Do this will all my scanners.


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