Pro-2067 & Mot Type II trunking

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Mar 16, 2008
Bedminster & Montclair, NJ
I'm having a problem programming my friend's Pro-2067. Using Win92, I'm trying to enter the Somerset County, NJ trunking system:

I think I have all the settings correct, but the scanner will not capture anything on the trunking system. It will pick up conventional channels in another bank (from MUCH farther away than the closest trunking site). If I manually move through the trunking frequencies, I get the scanner to display MOT: CNTRL on the bottom text line when I get to the control channel (501.9125 MHz, entered into 003 in scanner). My test is using my BC895T to listen for traffic and seeing what the Pro-2067 is doing.

I entered the frequencies in order, selected 25 kHz for the Trunking Offset (there is no place for Offset like newer scanners, will that affect it?), have MOT selected for the bank, have MOT selected for each channel, have LOut every other channel in the bank. The system is in Banks 0,2,3,4.

I have attached the text dump from Win92. If anyone can tell me why it will not scan the trunking system, I would really appreciate it!

Actually, come to think of it, I am also having trouble with the NJ State Police system: It does not pick up anything there either. I have the NJSP in Banks 5,6,7.

Remainder of banks: 1 is just conventional channels, 8 is empty, 9 is just random conventional channels from prior user.



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