Pro-2096 TGID Load Questions

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Jul 8, 2005
Im using win96
Twin Cities,MN all p-25's
I program all 10 banks
It seems like all 10 banks of not only TGID's for that bank,but TGID's coming out of nowhere that i never programmed into the software
Almost like each bank is bringing up TGID's like a CC search instead of a stable program
Already reset the radio
any ideas?
Thank you in advance!


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Jan 4, 2009
You can set your scanner to change the way it receives
transmissions on Motorola, APCO-25 and EDACS trunked
radio systems. These settings, called Open Mode and Closed
Mode, control whether the scanner monitors all traffic from
a trunked radio system, or only traffic from talkgroups you
specify. Open/Close mode settings apply to a trunking system
programmed into a single bank.

In Open Mode, you hear all active talkgroups except those
you specifically exclude, making it easy to hear everything
going on.

In Closed Mode, you hear only those talkgroups
you specify. This makes it easy to listen only to talkgroups
you are interested in and exclude others.
Each scanner bank can be programmed with one trunked
system. You can set each of the scanner’s channel storage
banks to Open or Closed Mode.

When you set a channel storage bank to Open Mode, +
appears under the bank’s number while scanning. When you
set a channel storage bank to Closed Mode, - appears under
the channel storage bank’s number while scanning.
Traffic on locked out talkgroup IDs is ignored when the
scanner is operating in Open and Closed Modes.

In Open Mode, the scanner will stop on all talkgroup traffic,
except for traffic on talkgroups that are entered in the ID
list and locked out. In Closed Mode, the scanner will only
stop on talkgroup traffic if the ID is entered in the ID list
and not locked out.

Open Mode scanning is useful in cases
where you wish to monitor all traffic on the trunked system,
except for certain talkgroups which you specify by entering
them into the ID list and locking them out. Open Mode
scanning allows you to search the trunking system for new or
previously unknown talkgroup activity while ignoring traffic
on undesired talkgroups.

Closed Mode scanning is useful when you want to restrict
monitoring to only the talkgroups you specified in the ID list.
toggling open and closed modes

To toggle Open or Closed Mode state for a bank, press FUNC,
5 while stopped on a channel in the bank in SCAN, MAN or
PGM modes. The scanner will briefly display Bank OPEN or
Bank CLOSED to indicate the new Open or Closed state for the

Taken from the Pro-2096 manual.
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