Pro-433 issues from other posts

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Jul 19, 2009
Dover, PA
I have a PRO 433. And for years had it stored because of the seemingly no volume problem that I have noticed in many other threads over the years. Wanting something to mess around with, I got it back out the other day and tried it out. The same problem of no volume and slow scanning was there. On a whim, I entered in some frequencies that I knew were birdies or high static ones. Guess what, instant volume and controllable volume. It seems that the problem is not the volume, bad antennas or any of the other things that were mentioned is the problem, but the squelch control itself. I took it apart to see if anything was obvious, and there is a little dark spot on one of the contacts on the board. I am in contact with a parts place to see if there are any squelch controls are available. Not that the scanner is good for much anymore except for CB, ham, marine or aircraft. Even Most of the moto systems in this area are switching to P25. I will let everyone know how this all works out.
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