Pro 652 trunking receive problems/late or missed

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Nov 6, 2016
Orange County, CA
I live in Orange County, CA which uses a Motorola Type II Smartzone system. My 652 is missing or is late on receive transmissions when monitoring trunked transmissions, (trunk tracking). I know this cause I have a PR0 96 sitting right next to it and it works great and I don't experience this problem. I am using the Starrsoft software Win500. My scanner is connected to a discone antenna, but it does this with the stock antenna as well. The Starrsoft software is a very complicated system and I'm thinking there has to be a setting somewhere for this. I DO NOT experience this on Conventional channels, the priority is not on. I love the audio and all the bells and literal whistles and colored lights. If I can't get this problem resolved I am going to sell this unit and I don't want to do that. HELP.................................................... please feel free to contact me at: KBLFJ1200@AOL.COM Thank you.
Not open for further replies.