Pro 668 - Something isnt right - not picking up much at all

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Nov 13, 2007
Trying to monitor this P25 system.

1. The radioshack software is god awful.
2. I have updated everything. CPU/Firmware/etc.
3. Imported the databases to the scanner etc.

This is what i'm using:

No matter what I seem to do, i'm not picking up much. Once in awhile i'll pickup the nearby PD, or the city PD about 6 miles away, but the chatter is completely minimal. Not getting the county sheriff at all Maybe every 4-5 minutes (its a big county). . I'll usually hear the dispatcher, but nothing else.

Its Friday night. IT IS busier than this. The nearest site to me is about 4-5 miles max.

I've confused myself silly at this point. I have done so much reading, but i'm missing some fundamentals.

1. Is it ok to have multiple sites? How many should I have? Should I modify them at all before I transfer to the scanner?
2. TXWARN has the Motorola and P25 system. Should I have them both or just the P25? As far as I know, the whole system is P25 now.
3. Signal bars are only full when someone is talking. Normal!?
4. Unlike the old days, I can listen to a town 45 miles away if its on the same system, correct?

I just need these basics cleared up before I can go on, as im just digging myself a hole of confusion.
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