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Nov 16, 2016
Hello everyone!

I am new to scanners and wanted to know if a Pro-94 will work for Washington County, MD system? If so how can I program it correctly? I apologize if this is a repeat question that has been asked on here before! Thanks for any assistance.
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Jul 22, 2002
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Before I begin, anything that's blue is a link...while the PRO-94 will pick up some things, most all of Washington County's law and other stuff has moved to a digital platform that the 94 won't handle. See our listing in the database

Washington County, Maryland (MD) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

Take note of the 'Tag' column - if it says 'Deprecated', the frequency has been abandoned by the user.

Now go down to the very bottom, where the various trunked systems in Washington county are listed. There's a listing for FiRST there - this is a statewide system that already has an operational site in the County. This uses a modulation type that can only be copied by a handful of scanners, listed here...

APCO Project 25 - The RadioReference Wiki

These scanners will also handle the analog stuff that's still active, as well as other trunked types.

FiRST will only continue to grow - I would suspect that there will be more than one site in Washington County in the future. You should consider buying for that future growth

We have a LOT of scanner information in our wiki. Notice that the models listed there are in blue - click on them to read up on them. Also keep in mind that given the County's very hilly terrain, an external antenna is practically a must if you want to hear anything from any distance away. This should also be a part of your decision.

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