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pro-95 text

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Jul 10, 2006
When I bought my pro-95 scanner Radio Shack programmed my scannerfor Desoto countymississippi and it showed what city was broadcasting but somehow it lost it's programming and I took it back to Radio Shack but they couldn't put the text back in it because they didn't have a pro-95 to hook it to.They told me I would have to find another pro-95 with text to hook it to download this info.Does anyone know how to program the text back into it or have a pro-95 with the desoto county text in it that would be willing to let me download your programming into mine.my e-mail littlee1952@yahoo.com

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Silent Key Jan. 14, 2012
May 11, 2002
Eclipse, Virginia
De Sota County is listed in MS Streets & Trips in Florida and Mississippi. I have scanned this county several times while traveling through.

De Sota Fl Motorola Trunking system has only 6 talkgroups and a few conventionals in this database.

De Sota MS Motorola Trunking system has quite a few talkgroups and many conventionals. This county would be best to program using the free Win95 program from http://www.starrsoft.com/ You will need a cable from Radio Shack (20-047).

To manually program the scanner use this Pro-95 Programming Shortcut from Wiki
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