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Pro-95 Trunking Interrupted Reception

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Jan 28, 2003
San Diego, California
Hello All,

Just recently, I've noticed that while I'm listening to trunking comms, if I add a bank to the trunking bank I'm monitoring OR press the backlight button to see the LCD screen, trunking will just scan.

When this occurs, I get ALL of the Motorola talk groups that are operating on those frequencies. I mean everything, EMT's, hospitals, animal control. I will get the "BBBuuuuuzzzzz" from the data channel.

I thought it might be the batteries, but they are well charged.

Anyone else have this occur? It's not a really big deal; I just turn the radio off, wait a few seconds, turn it on again and it works fine, until I backlight the screen or add a bank again.

Then again, sometimes it occurs and sometimes not.


Anyone have any remedies?

Many thanks for taking the time to respond!

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