Probable aircraft crash - I-25 & Ridgegate area

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Feb 29, 2004
20:34 - SMFR is on Ops-3 searching the area between I-25 and Chambers near Ridgegate for a probable aircraft crash. Centennial tower lost radar and radio contact with the aircraft, and residents in the area are reporting aircraft debris has hit their residences. SMFR is still searching the area for the airplane.

20:36 - Downed aircraft located west of the subdivision on the SW corner of Ridgegate/Mainstreet & Chambers.

20:40 - Sadly, SMFR reporting that law enforcement advises of human remains scattered across the debris field, which is 1-2 acres.

20:54 - SMFR reports that this was a Cirrus SR-22 aircraft, unknown cargo and souls on board. No flight plan was filed. NTSB and FAA are responding.

21:01 - SMFR reports that this appears to be a high impact crash, likely no survivors. SMFR, DCSO, Lone Tree PD and DCSO S&R all on scene.

21:28 - NTSB scheduled to be on scene at 11:00 a.m. Saturday morning. All debris and remains will be left undisturbed until the NTSB is on the scene.

1 killed in airplane crash near Douglas County neighborhood | FOX31 Denver
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