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Probably Will Be Getting a 396 This Saturday...

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Jul 21, 2006
Well after several years of not being able to monitor trunked systems in my area because my old scanner (BC 200XLT) is way outdated, I am going to take the plunge and buy a Uniden BCD 396T. I have been lurking here and recently registered and have learned a lot, but am still reeling from all that's changed with scanners. I am a "technologically challenged" kind of person, I prefer user friendly types of gadgets and I'll admit that I am kind of intimidated by the new scanners.

I am going to pay an extra $30 to have my scanner programmed and I am buying it at a "brick and mortar" store because I can usually understand things better by learning hands on and they have promised to give me a quick tutorial. I printed out the PDF version of the user manual and have been reading articles on the WIKI page.

I'll keep you posted on my impressions and try to aviod a flood of newb questions although I'm sure I'll need to ask a couple sooner or later.


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Jan 5, 2003
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1075 said:
I'll keep you posted on my impressions and try to aviod a flood of newb questions although I'm sure I'll need to ask a couple sooner or later.
Awsome! Your going to love (and loath as a beginner) the BCD396T. It's the best handheld DigiTracker available, welcome aboard.

Don't forget to download the "free" software that is available:
Uniden 396 UASD: http://uniden.com/index/downloads.cfm?product=BCD396T
Once you understand the features and functions, you may want to do the firmware upgrade (or not). It is also on that page as you may already know. If you have problems be sure to post for help. There are many people that have done the upgrade successfully here in the forum.

Another great "free" program is the backup and clone program from Butel:

Good luck!
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