Problem with BuTel ARC 500 Pro T-Tables

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May 2, 2010
I am trying to monitor a new trunked VHF P25 system locally, using 152 Mhz. outputs and 157 Mhz. inputs.

I have been unsuccessful tracking this system using P25 AUTO or P25 MANUAL with the DEFAULT T-Table. Programming these channels as conventional P25 channels works fine, but no trunk tracking of course.

So I assume I need to create a CUSTOM T-Table for this system.

While trying to create this T-Table, I have found several problems with the BuTel ARC 500 Pro software, and I am curious if anyone else is having these issues.

1.) The software will not allow me to enter the correct base frequency information in the CUSTOM T-Table, it keeps defaulting to 851.000 or 512.000

2.) If I enter the correct base frequencies via the scanner keypad, then download the radio info using the BuTel software, the software correctly displays the information I entered, but when I save the file, then reopen the file OR upload the file back to the radio, the base frequencies are back to 851.000 and 512.000 !!! This means every time I use the BuTel software to change programming, typically several times a day, I will need to re-enter the T-Table information for all the CUSTOM T-Table systems by hand, each time.

3. The BuTel software gives you the T-Table choices of DEFAULT, CUSTOM, or SPLINTER. The problem is the radio does not have a 'SPLINTER' choice in it's firmware, and the BuTel software keeps defaulting to Splinter when I choose custom, enter the info, and save the file.

For your reference, the desired P25 Control Channel data as decoded by the software is:

ID -00 / S-1 / BASE FREQUENCY - 851.00625 / SPACING - 0.00625 / TX OFFSET - -45.00 / A/C - A / BANDWIDTH - 0.00625

ID - 01 / S-1 / BASE FREQUENCY - 762.00625 / SPACING 0.00625 / TX OFFSET - 30.00000 / A/C - A / BANDWIDTH - 0.00625

If you try creating a CUSTOM T-Table with these base frequencies in ARC 500 Pro, you will see the problems.

Also, the Scan List Preview tab does not work for Favorites or Skywarn lists.

Is there anything I can do, or do I need to purchase Win500 software?


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May 11, 2002
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Based on the data found using Pro96Com, the controllers aren't decoding sufficient data. You need at least an Identifier - 02 or more which would be in 136, 146 and 156 ranges for base/offset frequencies.

I.e. These are the tables for VA STARS VHF P25 system.
0	4095	0	851.006250	6.250
4096	8191	4096	762.006250	6.250
8192	12287	8192	136.000000	2.500
12288	16383	12288	146.000000	2.500
16384	20479	16384	156.000000	2.500
20480	24575	20480	166.000000	6.250
24576	28671	24576	136.000000	6.250
28672	32767	28672	161.593750	6.250
Though only the 3 with step 2.500 are used unless an inter-op 800 or 700 MHz radio is used. Note:the first two Identiviers are the same as yours.
These Virginia controllers decode the above - yours do not..


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Sep 15, 2003
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I can't help with the ARC500 issue, but if you would be willing to pass along the Pro96Com data to me, I'd be happy to try to figure out what the table(s) are for this system. A link to the system and a control channel dump would be helpful as well.

From what you posted, it looks like the system doesn't transmit the identifier table updates on the control channel stream, so it would need to be figured out manually. Any information you can provide would be welcome.

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