Problems after reconfiguration

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Jan 4, 2009
My feed has worked like a charm for the last three months. After changing the primary description I am having numerous audio problems. I changed nothing on my setup. Just logged in with scannercast and reconfigured.

My feed pops, makes a bubble sound, and digital sounds (even though not digital), and the alpha tags no longer work. Regardless of which player I use it seems to start and stop. I've listened to my feed from different computers with the same results. I can listen to other feeds with no problems.

Please listen and see what you think. Please click on Audio Provider Icon above.

RR support has no idea what it is and claims it is on my end. I rebooted my PC, cable, scanner, scannercast, checked all connections, and RR changed me to another server and the problem continues.

One thing that is odd is there is usually a 30 second delay, just a part of streaming. Now, at times, the audio is only a few seconds after the actual transmission.

I just find this a strange coincidence in that this began right after RR changed the description.

Any assistance with the above problem would be greatly appreciated.
Not open for further replies.