Problems with ra0sms Mini Whip Antenna

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Sep 19, 2012
My ra0sms mini whip antenna is ~6 meters high. The first 3 meters is a galvanized steel pipe; the last 3 meters is PVC plastic. The antenna is mounted at the top of the PVC pipe. It is fed with coax. The power unit is powered with 9V 500maH and the ground is connected to the antenna mast.

The noise is terrible and broadcast AM is overloading everywhere.

Compared to a long wire of equal height, the ra0sms mini whip is really under-performing. The noise is excessive and the SDR can barely pull in a signal.

Tuned to the same frequency, the longwire has a strong signal with low-noise and is listenable. The ra0sms mini whip at the same frequency has no signal with high noise and is un-listenable.

With or without the ground attached to the power unit, the noise and signal strength remains the same. The ground from the box is clipped to the antenna mast.

Representative photos tuned 6.060 and 10.000 MHZ.

ra0sms 10.000 MHZ

longwire 10.000 MHZ

ra0sms 6.060 MHZ

longwire 6.060 MHZ

Antenna mount
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