programmed search frequency pass/lock out

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Dec 25, 2007
I have notice that alot of the newer model ham radios offer lots of search banks, also known as limit search, program scan, and other names. this feature to me is useless and/or Annoying if you have to force the radio to continue to search from a data transmission, birdie or any other annoying sounds by forcing the radio to continue by hand or set a time delay setting to continue searching after 5, 10, 15 seconds or whatever it may be. I don't find any information on the specs of the big three that tells if there radios offer search skip/pass. This has kept me from purchaseing there new radios for some time now. Another feature that I really would apreciate is search bank linking
I have notice from alinco's web site that they offer the DJ-G7T HT and the DJ-G29T and advertise 100 search pass. I have been waiting for sometime now on this feature.
I do have the G29T on back order and would like to here some feedback on the G7T can you link the programmed search banks.

Here another one, all the mfg are making a FM HT with wide band receiver , but none of them seeem to make a FM mobile with wide band receiver.

I am interested in knowing if any or all of these features are offered in a Ham radios mfg today.
1) program search banks that can lock out/pass frequencies and how many?.
2)How many search banks?
3) can you link the search banks?
4)does it have wide band receive?
5) what modes does it cover?.
6) what TX bands
7)how many band in display.


Dec 19, 2002
Wichita Falls, TX
Your questions can best be answered by looking at the specs and user manuals on the various manufacturers' web sites.

I know that the Yaesu FT7800R and VX6R both have band scan (search) ranges and memory banks.
You can link and scan multiple memory banks but only one band scan bank at a time.
It is a pain to lock and unlock memories. It takes several menu commands.
You can't lock out frequencies in band scan.
Both radios transmit wide and narrow FM (5/2.5 kHz deviation) and receive wide (5kHz), broadcast (75 kHz) FM and AM.
I don't remember the exact receive range on either one. I know they go from 88 to over 900 MHz with gaps.
They scan slow and don't make very good scanners because of the lockout issues.
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