Programming files for various scanners

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Jul 22, 2002
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I've seen 2 message with basically the same message - trying to find a 'database' of .p96, MEM files for the 396, ect. I thought I might take a moment to point out some of the more obvious - and not so obvious - places where you can find files for your scanners.

The most obvious ones are the Yahoo group(s) for your particular scanner. These are usually defined at the bottom of the wiki article for the scanner. For example, the 396 Yahoo group has both .mem and .usd files in their files area.

The next obvious is the Yahoo group for your state or region. While nowhere near complete, our wiki has a nice start on such a listing here...

The advantage here is that sometimes more than one particular software package might be used to build files, so pick one that most closely fits your needs. Be aware of your software's abilities to import foreign layouts, such as .usd files being importable by BCTool, Scan Control and many of the ARC programs.

Lastly there's a wiki article that lists websites where programming files can be should be noted that sometimes a software package may also be supported by a Yahoo or other group that carries files, so that too should not be ignored as a source...

In all cases, you should consider using such files as templates. You may not be able to know just how old the data in those files are, but if you use it as a format, you can usually easily determine how to update your listing. We now have a listing of the many applications that can download data from our databases using the web service, and you can find that list at the bottom of this article...

And don't be shy about building new files, either.

If you know of another region-related Yahoo group that carries program files, or a website that has files, please consider adding it to the appropriate wiki article for the benefit of all.

73 Mike
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